Survive work in a busy restaurant kitchen in 5 ways

Working in a busy kitchen for the first time can be fairly intimidating because a professional kitchen is a fast-paced environment that requires professionalism and knowledge. One mistake can quickly turn into a culinary disaster.


If you are working in a busy restaurant kitchen and you want to make sure that you make a great impression, here are five tips that can help.

Don’t Talk Too Much

If you have just started in a new kitchen, you may be tempted to strike up conversations so that you can make friends, but this could actually alienate you as everyone is so busy that they may perceive you to be a time-waster. Instead, try to focus on getting the job done, and only speak up if you have a relevant question or if someone has asked you something.

Research the Restaurant

Before you start at a new kitchen, you should take the time to look over the menu; this means that you can research any dishes that you are not aware of. You should also find out more about the head chef and their reputation to get a good idea of how to act in the kitchen.


Be Organised and Clean

According to Small Business, every part of a professional kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that food is prepared safely.

For this reason, it is important for you to be organised and clean at work. To make sure all your products are all in the same place and organized correctly you could use a Shelving Ireland company found at links including .   Make sure that your station is always clean and tidy, and put everything back where it belongs when you have finished using it.

Know Your Purpose

A professional kitchen is a busy environment that requires a lot of time, energy and effort, so if you do not have a purpose, you will soon feel lost and unhappy at work. Perhaps you want to study a renowned chef, or maybe one day you want to own your own restaurant; either way, it is important to have a purpose.

Avoid Picking Up Vices

Working in a professional kitchen means long hours and a physically strenuous job, and many chefs end up picking up a vice like smoking or drinking. Try to avoid doing this for your health!